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Q. Do you sell your products in aluminum?


A. We do not offer aluminum for several reasons. Yes aluminum will not rust, but neither will a properly powder coated piece for many years. The biggest differences between steel and aluminum are the gauges, which are rated differnetly. Steel is always thicker by gauge compaired to aluminum, also it's stronger, more rigid, and will not bend while handling or in bad weather.

Q. Will I be able to see what my monogram will look like?

A. Aboslutley, we send you a template for every purchase for approval. Modifications can be made if required at that time. Once approved your piece will be cut and a photo will be sent to you as soon as its ready for pick up. 

Q. Do you provide shipping?

A. Yes of course, we will ship across Canada. We also provide delivery within the Niagara Region.

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